56-year old returns to the ski slopes after stem cell treatment

The longest ski run in the world is the Vallée Blanche on the Aguille du Midi, in Chamonix, France, which is 17 km (10.6 miles) long. A 56-year-old international businessman, who goes by the initials “CM,” injured his knee while running to catch a plane. An orthopedic surgeon saw him in late 2009, after experiencing 9 months of unrelenting knee pain that caused him to limp and prevented him from sleeping. MRI exams showed tears in both the medial and lateral meniscus and swelling under the knee cap.

His physician said that arthroscopic surgery that cut out pieces of the meniscus was more likely to cause knee arthritis and a need for an early knee replacement. He contacted Regenexx Corporation for a mesenchymal stem cell transplant.

The results? Go here for a video that shows him skiing the world’s hardest ski run after surgery.

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