Another Take on Rick Perry’s Stem Cell Treatment

Texas governor and Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry has received a fair amount of criticism for receiving a stem cell treatment for his back. The Rising Voice blog has another take on Perry’s treatment, which, by the way, was paid for with his own money and was his free choice to receive. Even if the procedure was somewhat experimental, Perry made his own informed decision to receive it.  ll these criticism aside, some critics need to get over themselves.  No one was harmed through Perry’s decision to receive this treatment, and Perry sought the treatment even though he knew it wasn’t FDA approved or endorsed.  Apparently, the clinic that offered the treatment had garnered enough evidence to convince Perry, and he acquiesced to the treatment.  If this inspires other people to seek similar treatments, then they will need to make their own informed decisions based on the evidence in hand.   If the clinic is honest and transparent about their procedure and the evidence for it, then we should rejoice that Governor Perry received successful treatment without burdening the present health care system.  That sounds like a win-win situation to me.

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