Regenexx Corporation uses stem cells to help young woman with lower back pain

Regenexx Corporation in Broomfield, CO specializes in using a patient’s own stem cells to treat joint problems. They have treated arthritic knees, shoulders, and backs with their on-site bone marrow stem cell processing procedure. By transplanting the expanded stem cells from a patient into the joint, patients can experience relief of symptoms and structural improvement of the affected joint.

Regenexx has just announced that a 36-year old woman who suffered from significant back pain for two and a half years was treated by the Regenexx procedure. She had tried physical therapy, IDET (a procedure where a catheter is inserted in the low back disc to burn away painful nerves), epidural steroid injections, facet injections, and trigger point injections, but her pain did not abate. Her MRI showed reactive bone swelling in the vertebrae with compression of the left S1 nerve root. Regenexx physicians had her own specially cultured stem cells were injected into the L5-S1 lower back disc using the Regenexx-C technique.

Her response was telling.  When asked how she felt now as opposed to before the procedure, she said that she felt “Good,” and had experienced “noticeable improvement.” She now only has mild pain, and her range of motion has increased. She can do more since the procedure, and she wrote: ”Much more active and back to a normal life!”

She had failed about every existing conservative low back injection therapy and surgery, but she responded well to the injection of her own specially cultured stem cells into the L5-S1 disc. Regenexx scientists cautiously noted that not every patient achieve these same results, but they were able to help this young lady return to a more active lifestyle.