Stem cells at a closer view

Larry H. Bernstein at Pharmaceutical Intelligence reblogged some of my posts. They are shown here. Thanks Larry!! If you want the straight skinny on new and cool things in the pharmaceutical research world, you can do no better than Pharmaceutical Intelligence. I highly recommend it!!

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Larry H. Bernstein, MD, FCAP, Reporter and Curator cells at a closer view/

There are two bloggers who have brought a clear vision to the growing importance of Pleuripotential stem cell research, applications, and noted risks.  They are M Buratov and David O’Connell.
I repost  some work that needs more attention.  The technology has improved, and there are a number of successful applications.  The treatment of the cells, and the ability to put them on a stable and nontoxic resorbable matrix is a bioengineering advance.

Growing Skeletal Muscle in the Laboratory

Skeletal muscle – that type of voluntary muscle that allows movement – has proven difficult to grow in the laboratory. While particular cells can be differentiated into skeletal muscle cells, forming a coherent, structurally sound skeletal muscle is a tough nut to crack from a research perspective. Another problem dogging muscle research is the difficulty growing new…

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