New Stem Cell Activator Molecule

Celprogen Inc., a leader in the Stem Cell Research and Therapeutics industry, has announced the development a molecule that stimulates resident stem cell population within a living organism. This compound, STEMC5007, is a synthetic molecule that can activate internal stem cell populations and enhance their growth and biological activity.

STEMC5007 can be administered intravenously, by injections into muscles, or by injections into the stomach. STEMC5007 activates adult stem cell populations including progenitor stem cells, mesenchymal stem cells, and stem cells from skin, hair follicles and fat.

The advantage of using a molecule like STEMC5007 is that local stem cell populations can be expanded and activated without having to extract them, grow them in the laboratory and then reintroduce them back into the patient’s body. Instead, administration of STEMC5007 induces the patient’s own resident stem cells in the organs and tissues where they normally reside without laboratory interventions.

STEMC5007 was developed by Celprogen by exposing stem cells in tissue culture systems to the molecule. The company hopes to test STEMC5007 on model laboratory animal systems, and then, if it work well, in patients who require stem cell transplants.

STEMC5007 is an interesting and potentially powerful factor among a host of agents being tested for their ability to enhance wound healing and tissue regeneration.