Stem Cell Clinical Trials in 2014

Dr. Alexey Bersenev has done the stem cell community a great service by compiling the clinical trials that involved the used of stem cells for 2011-2014.

In 2014, there were 373 clinical trials registered in international databases that used stem cells.  36% of these trials were in the United States, 17% of them were in China, 8% in Japan, 5% in Spain, just under 5% were in India, 3.5 % were in South Korea and Iran, and 2% were in the UK.  To further break down these numbers according to geographical region, 36% were in the North America, 35% were in Asia, 19% were in Europe, 5% were in the Middle East, 3% were in Central and South America, and 2% were in Australia.

Of these clinical trials, 116 used mesenchymal stem cells, 81 used T-Cells, 31 used dendritic cells, 26 used mononuclear cells from bone marrow, 10 used Natural Killer cells, 22 used stromal vascular fraction (SVF) cells from fat, 16 used HSPCs (hematopoietic and progenitor cells) from bone marrow, and three were embryonic stem cell trials.

What were these trials trying to treat?  123 were for cancers of some sort, there were 51 trials examining neurological diseases and also 51 trials examining musculoskeletal disorders, 26 trials trying to help people with cardiovascular diseases, 17 attempting to treat skin diseases, 15 treating eye diseases, 8 that treated liver diseases, and 5 diabetes trials.

These are the rough trends.  As you can see, clinical trials that utilize adult and umbilical stem cell stem cells VASTLY outnumber those that use embryonic stem cells.

Bersenev Alexey. Trends in cell therapy clinical trials 2011 – 2014. CellTrials blog. February 14, 2015. Available:

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